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My Positive Psych. adventure!

I’m a huge fan of Tal Ben Shahar.

As a carefree teenager who didn’t know too much about life, I always considered philosophy and psychology as nothing more than ‘BOOrrringg!’ And here I’m realizing what they really mean.

I attended a psychology lecture at university today and it reminded of the amazing journey I went through while I watched Tal Ben’s lectures about two years ago. I was going through some really rough time back then..depression, confusion..ambivalence..

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a proper torrent file of the lectures else I would have put it up here. The file that is available has audio problem.

I realized I have been giving a very pathetic impression lately to my blog readers. One must be saying ‘My God! That is one disturbed sad blogger!’ I hope I’m wrong..! But after reading my posts I can only say – ‘My God! I sound like one disturbed sad blogger!’..hehe! So, I’ll try to work on it from here on.

I’ll end this post from the notes I took during Tal ben shahar’s Positive Psychology Lecture – 1

Lecture 1:

The course:

– Becoming Happ’ier’. Most available material (Self-books, articles etc.) – “Over promising and under delivering” – Lacking substance.

– More about Transformation than Information.
*Transformation*: Same objective Information, Different Interpretation
Example: Losing a game.
1. ‘I lost.’ Sad. Devastated.
2. ‘I lost. Okay, so what have I learned?’ Taken as a learning experience.

Knowledge is about Information. Wisdom is about Transformation.

We all have potential which has been suppressed by external voices in our culture (society), limitations(fear etc.).

– Active note taking during class. Apply ideas presented in class.

– Time in – Embracing stillness. Time to look inside. Quite wakeful introspection. Helps learning and remembering. Silence – ‘A medium for learning of the deepest sort’

– There is no WOW factor. Nothing new. A lot is common sense. “Common sense is not that common” – Voltaire. Constant reminder of what you already knew within you.

– Effort.

– First force: Behaviorism – Humans are a collection of behaviors. Like billiard balls being knocked around by reinforcement, punishment and reward.

– Second force: Humanistic Psych. – We are much more. We have spirit, soul, cognition.

Psycho analysis – Understanding humans Eg: defense mechanisms to negative emotions etc.

– Third force: Positive Psych.: Evolved from the non-methodological Humanistic Psych.

Abraham Maslow (Self-actualization); Karen Horney (said – look at the fine human qualities and work on them); Aaron Antonovsky** (introduced Salutogenesis – Origin of Health); Marty Seligman (had 2 aims: Introduce positive psych. and make it accessible); Langer; Philip Stone.

Question of questions:
“Are you Happy?” is a wrong question. “Yes/No” a wrong answer. Happiness cannot be rated on a scale. There is no Happy or Unhappy. Happiness is continuum. There has to be a comparison. You are either Happier/Less happy than you were at a certain time in life (past) or as compared to another individual/s.

Simplicity on the other side of Complexity. Everything, no matter how complex, can be simplified and understood. This Simplicity is different from what is just ‘simple’.

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