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Drowned in depths of quietude, abandoned by glee,
while they found a reason to laugh at me.
Wearied hopes for the perennial quest,
entombed past put to test.
Conceal this plea, it was never heard,
to them it’s spurious by every word.
Rusting bygone as theirs shine,
what is asked for just isn’t mine.

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Decipher this haunting silence
left behind by the long forgotten ordeal
buried tale of romantic violence
a lot said, a lot yet to reveal 

Bliss of innocence time fails to portray
Hid in a cocoon of insanity
Nothing more than a reason to betray
marked the end of vanity

Out of reasons to run or pretend
as aging waves wash shores of mind
time to see, time to amend
but rue is all that’s there of find

Entangled emotions seek a place
None to give..none to steal
gripping hope with every pace..
a lot said, a lot to reveal.


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