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Drowned in depths of quietude, abandoned by glee,
while they found a reason to laugh at me.
Wearied hopes for the perennial quest,
entombed past put to test.
Conceal this plea, it was never heard,
to them it’s spurious by every word.
Rusting bygone as theirs shine,
what is asked for just isn’t mine.

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Distractions or digressions?

Is it a sin to love..? to care? Life has given me reasons to say – It must be..

You keep telling yourself – try to forget, there is so much more to be looked after. You make after another…on and on but you keep coming back to the same place. The place where you have some beautiful moments carefully painted on the canvas of your memory. It’s so hard to let them go..but you know letting them go is the only way through. Keeping them with you leaves you in misery..a little bit more each day.

I have seen a lover cry after losing what was all his. I have seen blood bonds torn apart for everything monetary. I have seen a friend give reasons to another to lose faith in friendship…

I don’t know if my past wants to linger in my present. Or is it that my present digresses to the past…wanting to make sense of the ashes left behind…wanting a reason to forget and be happy..

“If I had to lose a mile
If I had to touch feelings
I would lose my soul
The way I do”


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Decipher this haunting silence
left behind by the long forgotten ordeal
buried tale of romantic violence
a lot said, a lot yet to reveal 

Bliss of innocence time fails to portray
Hid in a cocoon of insanity
Nothing more than a reason to betray
marked the end of vanity

Out of reasons to run or pretend
as aging waves wash shores of mind
time to see, time to amend
but rue is all that’s there of find

Entangled emotions seek a place
None to give..none to steal
gripping hope with every pace..
a lot said, a lot to reveal.


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Difference between Cushing’s Sign and Cushing’s Reflex

Cushing’s Sign also goes by the name Cushing’s Triad.
It is a late sign of increased intracranial pressure and is defined by three signs:
1. Hypertension
2. Bradycardia
3. Irregular breathing

It occurs whenever something occupies the already limited space in the skull. The space can be occupied by:
1. Blood – As seen in cerebrovascular accidents that result in bleeding (cerebral hemorrhage due to ruptured aneurysm or trauma)
2. Enlarging lesion – Brain tumor
The pressure on the brain tissue causes it to shift across the structures within the skull (this is called brain herniation). This can be rapidly fatal.

Cushing’s sign should be suspected in any person who has had a recent head injury, a recent brain surgery or shows sudden altered level of consciousness.

Cushing’s Reflex goes by a lot of names – Cushing’s Effect, Cushing’s Reaction, Cushing’s Phenomenon even Cushing’s Law!
As is the case with any other reflex, Cushing’s reflex is a physiologic response. It is a physiologic response to increased intracranial pressure via the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
It has four stages that can be briefly described as follows:

The body tries to increase blood supply to the brain – Stage 1 is due to sympathetic system activation leading to tachycardia and hypertension.
Baroreceptors respond to the sympathetic system activation – Stage 2 is due to parasympathetic system activation leading to bradycardia.
Stage 3 and 4 involves irregularity in breathing caused by functional abnormality of the brainstem due to the increased intracranial pressure, tachycardia and bradycardia.

The bottom line – Cushing’s Sign occurs as a result of Cushing’s Reflex.

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